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Outdoor Kitchen & Fireplaces - Stone Work

This is the “More” part of Top Notch Trim, Doors & More.

One of our specialties is the application of Cast Stone, sometimes called man-made stone. Cast stone is a concrete masonry product simulating natural cut stone. It is used in architectural and decorative applications.

We can apply the cast stone to exterior or interior wall giving it the rich look of natural stone. Cast stone can also be applied to kitchen islands and columns at the home entrance as well as out at the end of your driveway.

Fireplace construction would not be complete without the addition of stone facing. If you have an existing fireplace that needs that little extra something added to it, we may be able to add stone to it and transform it into the centerpiece you have always wanted.

If you are planning the new construction of a fireplace, now is the time to contact us to help with the planning of your fireplace and ensure that is makes the grand statement you desire.